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Basic Tutorial Set
Basic Unity Tutorial Set - Now for Unity 3.0!

These recordings create a basic overview of what is required to make a game using the game development tool Unity. The movies are from ten minutes to nearly an hour each and use chapter markers for ease of navigation. Now with improved sound quality and larger text size!

The set includes tutorials for:

  • Welcome to Unity!
  • Javascript Principles
  • Connecting Scripts
  • GUI Functions
  • Terrain
  • Particle Systems
  • 3D Modeling and Importation
  • Packages and Prefabs
  • Animation and Audio
  • Tanks Example

The set also includes ten sample scenes, as well as all scripts, models, sound, music, and other resources used in the tutorials. That's hundreds of free assets, including dozens of fresh scripts and other assets for Unity 3.0!

For now, this set continues to be available at the discounted price of $49.95. Well worth it for the assets alone, never mind the tutorials themselves - we've had hundreds of happy customers!

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User Testimonials
The tutorials don't waste your time... they get right to the point! These videos are an excellent code reference for students and professionals.
John, Illinois, USA
The quality is amazing... totally worth every single penny... waiting for more now!
Fulvio - California, USA
I've downloaded the tutorials and they've been very helpful so far. I'm looking forward to the next set!
Hans - Christchurch, New Zealand
I've gotten pretty far with Unity, but I've learned something new with even the basic tutorials!
Andy - Washington DC, USA
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